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We need to talk about gender presentation in gaming

For game where you can choose an avatar and player model there should be at least one non binary option as a standard. I know there are quite a few games with gender options out of the binary but most triple a games don't have that, the Forza horizon series, Sea of Theives, Ark and the Rage series to name a few all have binary options for choosing your character. As an enby I have a hard time resonating with a character I was forced to be in the binary.
Thanks for reading my ramblings.
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Anyone else super bothered by the binary clutch?

In the forza games (in manual w/ clutch mode), clutch control is a binary operation - - that is of two states. It's either fully engaged or fully disengaged. Basically it just adds another step in the shifting mechanism from manual mode.
But in a real car, the clutch is very much not. Simply, it's more of a gradient in how much of engine speed is transmitted to wheel speed. This may not seem like much of a problem to most people, but actually makes a huge difference in handling, especially during launch and deceleration.
By simple clutch control, you should be able to have a smooth launch starting at any engine speed in first gear. That is without stall at idle rpm or burnout at high rpm. But just picking up forza and clutching instinctively, my launch is super poor. I've found that it's best to not use the clutch at all coming from start (which doesn't make sense in real life, and would likely kill your tranny if you tried).
Furthermore, smoothly slowing down does not require breaking until you're about to fully stop in 1st/2nd gear (assuming you start deceleration early enough) . In real life i actually frequently slow down by dropping from 4th to 2nd gear just by slowly easing off the clutch.
I understand the difficulty in recreating the experience in a video game, especially with the neutral gear. I understand why neutral was omitted for the point of simplicity and avoiding all the potential stalls with inexperienced players. My only request is an attempt to emulate the physical process of clutch engagement. Especially considering all the extra tools in haptic feedback with xbox one controllers over 360. Throw a clutch control on the left trigger and you can have easy analog control input for the clutch. I mean, Horizon 3 doesn't even have an option to put the clutch control there.
Overall, I'm just upset that my style of driving doesn't translate to forza. I can't really engine brake or have the smooth launches I expect due to clutch mechanics. IRL I hardly touch the brake at all because I can have the engine slow itself down.
Anyone else experience this awkward transition when first starting to play Forza? Any other thoughts or comments?
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